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Selling your Home in Saskatoon

Key Questions All Sellers Need to Ask Potential Agents

When it’s time to sell their home, most people want to sell for the most amount of money possible in the least time! For many, it’s equally important to experience the least amount of stress and disruption to their daily lives.

And while attempting to sell it yourself, using a cut-rate brokerage or a part time friend or family member may sound like a good idea, it rarely is. In fact, many people who try this route eventually realize that having a professional, full time agent saves time and leaves more money in their pocket.

How Do I Select an Agent to Sell My Home?

The key to finding the right agent to sell your home or condo in Saskatoon is to professionalism, experience, and clear communication.

Interviewing 2-3 agents before signing a contract will ensure that your transaction is handled professionally and that you walk away with the most amount of money and experience the least amount of worry possible!

Ask Plenty of Questions Including:

+ Q: How long have you been a Realtor in Saskatoon? Is this a full-time profession or a part-time hobby? - Q: How long have you been a Realtor in Saskatoon? Is this a full-time profession or a part-time hobby?

A: Often I see sellers whose home lingers on the market for months (or years) due to an inexperienced or inadequate listing agent. Others price their home too high or accept the first offer that comes along which is often too low. As a seasoned full-time agent for the past 17 years , I know how to get your home sold fast!

+ Q: How will you communicate with me? - Q: How will you communicate with me?

A: While there is no right answer to this question, it is important that you and your agent are clear about your expectations. How much advance notice do you need before a showing? Are there certain days, times or religious holidays that your home is “off-limits?” How often will the agent communicate with you regarding the status of your listing? Will these “updates” be vague touchy-feely comments or will you receive data telling you the number of views your property is getting online, the number of showings and all feedback obtained?

+ Q: How much will you list my home for? - Q: How much will you list my home for?

A: In order to get your listing, some agents will tell you your home is worth more than they know the market will bear. They do this to get the contract knowing that a month or so into the process most people will be willing to lower the price just to get it sold. The problem with this strategy is that the longer your home is on the market, the more buyers want to negotiate the price and the more the seller (you) ends up with at the end. Fortunately, after years as a full-time agent, I know the Saskatoon real estate market and trends. This allows me to assist you in pricing your home correctly at the beginning which gets more showings, better offers and ultimately puts more money in your pocket.

+ Q: What do I need to do to prepare my home to sell? - Q: What do I need to do to prepare my home to sell?

A: Preparing your home in advance is extremely important. What will the agent do to assist you in this process? While it is tempting to believe an agent that tells you there is no need to replace your dog stained carpet or put away your 150 piece bird bath collection the reality is that you need an agent that will guide you regarding how to best showcase the great features of your home while downplaying any negatives. Often this involves “Home Staging.” As a staging expert, I gladly offer my clients my expertise and assist them in making any necessary arrangements needed to show their home in the best possible light.

+ Q: How will you market my home? - Q: How will you market my home?

A: My listing process includes:

  • Correct pricing
  • Superb staging
  • Professional photography
  • Marketing to local brokers and agents
  • Social media marketing
  • Showcasing on my personal website and online partners around the globe
  • News prints
+ Q: What do your services cost? - Q: What do your services cost?

A: Agents that offer a discounted rate generally need to have a high volume of listings and therefore offer discounted services. Is that really what you want? I offer fair market prices and exceptional service to my select sellers. This is why my clients choose to work with me each time they sell or buy a home.

If you want to work with a professional agent that has decades of experience in the Saskatoon home market and will work tirelessly to sell your home, let’s talk. I am available via or phone or text (9 am to 8 pm) or send me an email today.

Veronica Smith - When Professionalism Counts!